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When you offer promo codes to encourage sales, they can be both a help or a hindrance to the conversion process. If you want to have a promo code box as part of your checkout, make sure you eliminate barriers to using it. Some shoppers will reach your checkout without realizing there are even any promo codes available, and then abandon the process to go search for one. Make this easy for them by having a designated page on your site that displays all your promo codes as well.

Include a prominent link to it near your promo code box. That will discourage customers from heading off-site in search of discounts for your brand. Whatever changes you make to your checkout process, just make sure you flag it in your analytics software and monitor how it affects customer behavior. If offering promo discounts increases cart abandonment, you have some problems to fix in your coupon redemption process. The whole point of working with coupon affiliate sites is to attract new customers.

But some dishonest affiliates actually try to get in between you and your audience with spammy coupon practices. You can also audit potential coupon affiliate sites before working with them by testing some of their existing codes for popular brands. Many marketers today make the mistake of thinking coupon sites are the only way to promote their discounts. While there are some great platforms out there to work with, there are also plenty of other ways to spread the word about your discount without them.

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One viable strategy is working with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are just regular people with a niche blog or presence on social media. Work with a team of micro-influencers to promote your products and associated promo codes to drive new, valuable traffic back to your site to convert. Market your discounts with the help of coupon affiliate sites and influencers, and you can drive greater ROI for your e-commerce store overall.

Getting Started: The Basics of Affiliate Coupon Marketing

Just take the time to carefully vet potential partners, track their impact on sales, and optimize your coupon marketing process. Continue to your page in 15 seconds or skip this ad. Directory Jobs Contact Us Advertise.

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Online Marketing. April 24, If the merchant is ranking first, they are going to get most of the traffic to their own coupon page. If you cut out all affiliate sites or discount their value you are losing out on all of the coupon affiliates who send traffic in OTHER ways besides coupon search traffic, which I think is many of us.

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Perhaps discounting these affiliates is only valid in cases with extremely high brand loyalty? Otherwise, in ecommerce we have to assume that there are usually a multitude of factors which contribute to the final sale. You choose to distribute that code via an email campaign—so you want to limit the cross-over to other channels as much as you can. If coupon sites are acting on their own without participating in your program, they have little reason short of legal concerns to avoid posting this code if they find it.

Well thought out response! You might end up throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Lastly, it is important to remember that coupon redemption is a consumer behavior — not something that is caused by deal and coupon sites. I would like to point out, like Trisha said, that most coupon sites are not able to rank with premium spots on search engines so most sales attributed to these non-ranking coupon sites are probably due to the coupons they put in front of a customer. Those sales would likely have been lost to the retailer otherwise. For retailers worried about cannibalizing existing sales, consider this: affiliate agreements can be customized to reward these above-noted affiliates with enhanced rates over those who win the search engine ranking games.

Can Coupon Affiliates Add Value to a Merchant's Affiliate Program?

They have the ability to track custom or exclusive coupon codes at the individual affiliate level even those used without an affiliate link or click. If a retailer can track then they can filter out unauthorized coupons like those send via their newsletter or posted on their site.

In conclusion, I feel these technologies and more when matched with a prudent coupon strategy make coupons a very powerful and compelling tool for reaching more customers, especially those who need extra nudging or hand-holding to complete the sale. I also think the evidence is solid that affiliates are especially well-suited for handling these time-consuming tasks.

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They disregard testing to quantify the relative contribution, and instead arbitrarily pick a attribution system that BOTH ignores the multitude and excludes large slices of it as well. By discounting the value of certain affiliates and cutting them from the program, a merchant actually creates opportunities for competitors. Other merchants can take advantage and tap the potential of all those disregarded affiliate sites coupon or not.

Coupons Affiliate Networks

Of course, coupons may still appear on coupon sites. But the added friction of expired codes, fake codes, and other issues can easily end up hurting the merchant who cut those affiliates from their program. I think the question of the value of coupon sites in a program depends a lot on what the affiliate does to drive traffic and how much they care about complying with your terms and conditions.

I think Wade highlights one of the big challenges. None of those organically ranked sites are part of the Zappos program. The data is surely there for a merchant to figure it out, but I agree with Pat that few merchants are actually doing the analysis correctly , let alone applying it to their programs.

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I have a rotating showcase on my coupon site that visitors can watch all the latest coupons be advertised. That is invaluable advertising that the merchant would never get from their own website. In most cases it will be retailmenot since they are virtually assured of the no 1 spot by Google for nearly everything.

Types of Coupon Websites

The first thing is that the affiliate will realize your program converts and will be inspired to put more effort into promoting the merchant in other ways as well. Recently I starting putting a new website together and I wanted to find some good converting merchants to place their product links on. How did I find the best top merchants for this?