Film festival distribution deals

There are literally over home video companies in the marketplace, all operating under their own labels. On top of that are additional companies that pick up movies and programming that have output deals with these distributors. It is still the largest revenue generating segment of the entire film industry. Truth 6: Not likely. For every movies being made every year, there are less than 20 who make serious money this way.

It takes time a lot of it , it takes specific strategies, and you become the de facto distributor for a good year, if not longer. However, some who go this route do it very successfully.

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Also, the budget of your movie can dictate if this route is viable for you. So these are a few of the popular and misleading myths out there, and the truth about them. Not to mention an overwhelming number of movies vying for a limited number of distribution slots.

Types of distribution deals

These two factors combined can make for a daunting journey filled with frustration and failure. The silver lining however, is that with the right knowledge, coupled with dedicated and diligent work, anyone with a decent film can achieve success. But it does take the right knowledge. You do not have to have star names in your movie to get a deal or have success, and your movie does not have to be phenomenal. Want to learn more about the secrets to distribution? His challenging journey to get to the proverbial finish line was profiled in the Los Angeles Times and documented on several major film sites.

The simple truth is this: While the so-called 3rd battle of moviemaking is gettin While the Sundance Film Festiva l may have concluded last Sunday, many of the films featured in the festival are just beginning their "lives" post-Utah. Whether via another festival SXSW is just around the corner!

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While more will be purchased in the weeks ahead, below is a list of the films that currently have a home. Purple , Pahokee , Premature , and other features whose awareness is just beginning to prosper and will eventually lead to a solid landing spot. A24 :. Joanna Hogg — undisclosed. Amazon :. Apple :. Minhal Baig — undisclosed.

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Array :. Hepi Mita — undisclosed. Bleecker Street :. Fox Searchlight :. Matthew Puccini — undisclosed. HBO Films :. Rashid Johnson — undisclosed.

In the case of Apartment Troubles , Candelaria says Jess Weixler and Jennifer Prediger, the writers, directors and stars of the film, were also very amenable to helping out with social media. But not every deal is made on cast alone. He hopes for similar results when Runoff hits theaters later this month. For Gravitas, a large number of the films the company releases are documentaries.

Marketing is such a huge element of his job that Mansfield refers to Monterey Media as a marketing company that is also an independent film distributor. For Candelaria and Gravitas, that marketing process begins as soon as the film is acquired. First they decide on a release date, and then, together with the filmmakers, work backward from that date, creating assets the poster, the trailer and determining how they can be best used to promote the film.

5 Distribution Platforms for Film

It can be four weeks, depending on when the acquisition occurs.