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Part of those protected paths would be to implement DRM within plex and not allow the server to ever let the content to be put on remote systems at any time. Users will realize a unified search and streaming apps can totally replace what we see today as tv.

My daughter actually got confused the first time streamed live tv to her instead of just netflix or Amazon prime. She was annoyed with the fact her show had breaks in it for commercials and that she had to wait for the next episode.

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  4. Amazon Reportedly Demanded SiliconDust Remove the HDHomeRun Premium TV Service from The Fire TV.

Clearly these are two separate and distinctly different things regardless of the fact that they both come from the same company. So too are other CableCard tuners from the likes of Ceton, Hauppauge and others.

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Both software and hardware must be compliant as well as a complete protected path being maintained. They will eventually get there. Really though, I think Apple was questioning what was in it for them? The approach plex should take to premium like channels is to work with them to integrate into channels in plex. This whole discussion is really about a technology that at best is stagnant and worst on a slow way out.


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The whole idea of cable card was because of a FCC mandate made several years ago for seperable security. That requirement in some ways has been removed over the last few years. It is Largely due to the rise of streaming services and devices. With all of the options we have for streaming the cable box is pretty much just for a prettier guide and DVR functionality.

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DVR is also limited need depending on if the on-demand options are sufficient for your use case. Most of us here though I suspect archive shows longer then what is setup on-demand. The unified search in android TV also makes it easy to access content on any service from one location.

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Easy and simple. Still the triditional DVR has a lot of life in it and so too does Cable even if it is an industry in decline. From: Support support silicondust.

You are better off getting just a OTA tuner. It functions similarly to Tablo, but has better video quality, and you can launch channels with Alexa voice commands. On the downside, it only works with Fire TV devices for watching on televisions, and it lacks ad-skipping features. Jared Newman covers personal technology from his remote Cincinnati outpost.

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He also publishes two newsletters, Advisorator for tech advice and Cord Cutter Weekly for help with ditching cable or satellite TV. While that does mean that at least one tuner box is required to access the service, it comes with the unique flexibility of being able to watch the channels through several apps and DVR solutions, such as Plex, Channels app, Emby, and even Kodi. HDHomeRun is a device that allows you to watch over-the-air channels through your Fire TV and other streaming devices.

The number of tuners determines how many channels you can watch or record simultaneously. At the time, it was only available for the Fire TV 3 because that was the only Fire TV model that supported native hardware deinterlacing.