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Demonic Deals

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Magic Origins: Magic the Gathering

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I love Core sets, because they provide fun without being overly focused on competition. With just a Core set you can build fun decks and experience Magic as a smart way of spending time. Thus, I look at Intro Packs as a gateway to Magic. A forest. Some forest areas are lit with sunlight, some offer a peaceful shade.


As you run by a small pond, you see a reflection of yourself. A gentle elf. Other elves are already there. You are greeted with joy. Three elves start to chant. A fog rises from the ground and engulfs you and two other non-chanting elves. You scream… no, no, no… you roar with power and the forest echo takes it away, away, away…. And to win. It has a clear strategy: roll out some Elves, score some damage with Thornbow Archer s and Deadbridge Shaman s, then finish things off with Shaman of the Pack or Joraga Invocation.

There is more. Also — see?

Sylvan Messenger allows for long games and is a wonderful setup card before Joraga Invocation. Those are suggestions from Magic Origins only. If you consider other sets available in Standard or in Modern… oh, boy. An All-Star of the deck is definitely Joraga Invocation. During test matches against other two Intro Decks, this was a clear winner both in wins and in flavour. They are not nice beings. This deck shows it too well about Demons, not banks. It can provide you with resources that will win you a game. You face an impossible choice: either you kill everything and die in the process, or you leave something on the board and die from that. - The Best Card In Magic Origins

At least until enriching the deck with Shadows of the Past or more Unholy Hunger s, that bring some life points back. As you see, there are zero 1-mana creatures, four 2-mana creatures, four 3-mana creatures, and ten 4-mana creatures. In games I played an average hand contained one creature of mana and two creatures of 4-mana. After turn 5 things were getting better, especially if I established Treason-Sac engine.

I was stopped at four lands, or got no Mountains to play Red cards. Very, very strange.

I lost the most games with this deck against the Elves deck and went about against the UW Skies deck. Without that kind of experienced friend, Demonic Deals is a C- only. A powerful Sphinx rules the air, while is placing defenses on the ground, is controlling what gets played, and is tricking opponents into benefitless attacking. Do you see problems?

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The second problem with the deck winning more is its strategy. When you draw cards relevant to only one of them, the deck performs smoothly and usually wins nicely. But when you open with Faerie Miscreant , Yoked Ox , Turn to Frog , and Charging Griffin , there are some creatures on board that ping an opponent for 1 in the air at best. Meanwhile, the opponent builds a scary-looking army of Elves or Zombies.

And you have no mass sweeper to reset the board in your favour.